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This is your captain speaking.


There are no safety features on this aircraft, but here's what you should know:


Due to an enormous amount of luck, coincidence, effort, planning, wanderlust, timing, and (let's face it) opportunity, I reached the bizarre milestone of 100 flights in a single year.


I'm also a regular person who neither worked for an airline nor traveled as part of his job. I never set out to do something like this from the start either, but that's not really the point.


I initially moved to central Europe because of the ample and affordable opportunities to discover new places and take on new experiences. I was putting in extra hours during the workweek so I could set off every weekend to whichever place I’d never been before, mostly whatever was cheapest. I got on a roll and sort of just cut the brakes.

The thing is, averaging two flights per week puts you on pace for 104 in a year. After a while, I started tracking my own data and the costs of all my flights before ultimately realizing 100 was reasonably attainable, and I decided to go for it.


In the book, I immediately address what those 100 flights cost from my pocket, and later on it becomes increasingly clear what those flights cost from my spirit, lol.


Here’s what I mean:


A lot of stuff happens when you continue to experience new things over and over by going to new places, surely. But in order to get to those places, you also have to do the exact same things over and over again. A lot of stuff happens then, too. It’s quite a bit to think about.


I started writing 100 Flights without knowing it on flight 35. As I kept flying, I kept writing. Now it’s a full assortment of 25 essays varying in length, tone, and digestibility—all of them written on those planes. 


I welcome you to dive into my personal life, my imagination, and hopefully my sense of humor as I write about traveling, human nature, epistemology, linguistics, memes, dating, consciousness, social media, and the overall ups and downs of being an expat.


Safe travels,

Welcome to 100 Flights
Sample Chapters
Inside the Book

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